The History of our Founder

In 1964, Pedro Llaneza immigrated from Cuba to the United States with a robust passion for the exportation of fruits and vegetables. Knowing such exportation was not possible with the temperate climates in the U.S, he took his entrepreneurial skills to Santiago, Dominican Republic and founded Llaneza and Company.

As the exportation of Dominican commodities were on, he wanted a packaging label to carry notoriety, thus naming his product line after his high school sweetheart, Rosita. In 1967, the Rosita Brand was officially created as he would link up with Exp Group’s future founder, Emil Serafino.

At age 17, Emil Serafino was ambitious and had an entrepreneurial fervor founding his first company, V&E Fruits in Brooklyn, New York. The firebrand Sicilian, would then move on from V&E Fruits and took his talents to the Brooklyn Terminal Market in 1982, establishing his second business, Global Tropical. In the 1980s and 90s, Serafino and Llaneza would continue expanding the Rosita Brand label taking the brand to new heights expanding its distribution across the eastern coastline of the U.S.

Serafino continued to push the envelope at the start of the millennium, buying out Pedro Llaneza from his successful exportation business in the Dominican Republic. As a result, Exportadora Serafino was born with youthful and vibrant leadership. The business would be taken to new heights which would supplement the growth of the company we now see today, Exp. Group.