About us

We are a multinational Group based on several companies, together we create the most efficient network of production, importation and distribution of tropical fruits and vegetables from Central and South America.

Currently we have more than 40 years of operation distributing fresh produce in the East Coast as well as developing foreign farms and packing houses to our standards and needs in partnership with our suppliers.

The quality and safety of our products is guaranteed, as our commitment to achieve and surpass market requirements is part of our company policy. Exp Group LLC is SQF code for Storage and Distribution v8.0 certified, having implemented a robust food safety program from domestic and foreign farms up to our warehouse in NJ.

The History of our Founder

The History of our Founder
In 1964, Pedro Llaneza immigrated from Cuba to the United States with a robust passion for the exportation of fruits and vegetables. Knowing such exportation was not possible with the temperate climates in the U.S, he took his entrepreneurial skills to Santiago, Dominican Republic and founded Llaneza and Company.

As the exportation of Dominican commodities were on, he wanted a packaging label to carry notoriety, thus naming his product line after his high school sweetheart, Rosita. In 1967, the Rosita Brand was officially created as he would link up with Exp Group’s future founder, Emil Serafino.

At age 17, Emil Serafino was ambitious and had an entrepreneurial fervor founding his first company, V&E Fruits in Brooklyn, New York. The firebrand Sicilian, would then move on from V&E Fruits and took his talents to the Brooklyn Terminal Market in 1982, establishing his second business, Global Tropical. In the 1980s and 90s, Serafino and Llaneza would continue expanding the Rosita Brand label taking the brand to new heights expanding its distribution across the eastern coastline of the U.S.

Serafino continued to push the envelope at the start of the millennium, buying out Pedro Llaneza from his successful exportation business in the Dominican Republic. As a result, Exportadora Serafino was born with youthful and vibrant leadership. The business would be taken to new heights which would supplement the growth of the company we now see today, Exp. Group.


Exp Group LLC s commitment to food safety and quality is what allows us to carry out a successful operation when sourcing, storing and delivering all commodities to all of our customers. The following have been implemented in compliance with industry and government requirements:

  1. Supplier evaluation and verification for food safety
  2. Good Storage and Distribution Practices implemented within our operation.
  3. Food Safety Program:
    • Current GMP’s
    • HACCP plan
    • FSMA compliance
    • Employee training
    • Sanitation/Maintenance Program
    • Pest Control
    • Recall Plan
    • Crisis management
    • Sanitary Transportation
  4. Food defense
  5. Third party and self auditing.
  6. Licenses, registrations and permits up to date


Exp Group is certified under SQF Code v8.0 for Food Storage and Distribution facilities. Our company is audited once a year by our certification body, be it announced or unannounced, we are always ready.

Records and specific food safety information is available to any entity interested in doing business with us. We are devoted to succeed in the industry providing the highest quality and safe foods.

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CEO/ President/ Principal
Emil Serafino


Executive Vice President/ Principal
Anthony Serafino


Senior Vice President
Frank Rodríguez Camaño


Director of Food Safety
Robert Figueroa

Executive Vice President/ Principal
Emil Paul Serafino


Vice President of Sales
Paul Serafino


Vice President and Chief of Staff
Fraymil Rodríguez

Director of Logistics
Mario Perez


Director of Ecuador Affairs
Jose Manuel Villacis


Director of Warehouse Operations
Saul Hernández

Inbound Coordinator A/P Dept.
Diego Portillo


Business Development
Omar Duarte


Property Manager
Santino Montalbano